Our Felsenkeller & wine cellar

Music & wine:
an evening together

Philosophy in bottles: Our wine cellar

In our traditional wine cellar, we store fine wines and special rarities from local winegrowers from South Tyrol and abroad. You can taste them not only at dinner, but also at our popular wine tastings ...

Fine wines and special rarities

“Music is life.
Music is passion.”

Happy & musical: Our Felsenkeller

Sway, rock, clap to the beat and swinging your dancing legs - in the popular Felsenkeller in our Villa Monica, it really gets going when we invite you to music and dance evenings with live music!

Dolomiti Super Première

Dolomiti Super Première

01.12.2022 – 23.12.2022

Ski Start offer
4 at the price of 3